Factory Electrical Fit Out

Factory Electrical Fit Out

We wire in all types of equipment for factories including

  • Mains, submains, main switchboards and sub boards
  • Single and 3 phase power outlets, LED Lighting
  • Machinery, hoists, production equipment

Consideration for factory supply

Factories usually have a higher demand for power and whatever is going to be or is already in the factory requires calculation to make sure the incoming supply is available, the mains are large enough to cope with the load ( or future loads) and that the switchboard is set up with metering, power limitation equipment, breakers and safety switches. Do your requirements also need load or functional control incorporated into your switchboard. Do you require surge protection for your factory equipment?

We will work with you, visit your factory or look at your plan, and help to design the supply requirements that are right for your situation.

We supply all the materials, trenching and backfill, setup with authorities, inspections, certificates needed to install your supply, but we also can set out your factory for its functional light and power.

Internal wiring

When wiring Factories apart from your power requirements there a a few other things we can help with including security, Phone lines (lead ins) and distribution, Data and internet set up, Emergency lighting and audio visual. Call us any time to discuss these.

Don’t forget that we also do factory maintenance and repairs and additions.