Fault Finding, Repairs, Test & Tagging

Fault Finding & Repair

Doesn’t work? Works sometimes? Flickers? Some small indications can be the cause of big problems. Electricity can be fairly inocuious. Small flickers in your light can be the light fitting, the switch, the fuse or circuit breaker, the main switch for the whole premises, the mains coming into your property? Who Knows? A small sign has led us to people at risk of switchboard fires at some jobs. If it isn’t working right… then its not right! We can not only check and repair your faults, but can also assess the rest of your wiring so you can keep your business running on time and productively.

Faulty appliances or equipment? We have the industrial and commercial knowledge and expertise to repair (or replace) appliances, machines, systems, motors, or equipment that you need up and running in your commercial business, workplace or industrial premises.

Test and Tagging

Testing and reports, tool tagging, safety switch logging and reports, security and emergency light testing and logging, fault testing, wiring testing and reports. All these and more testing for your maintenance schedules or you just need something checked out.